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Saturday, March 20, 2010


by Asma bint Shameem

Once again the news of “Muslim Terrorists” hits the headlines…

Once again “Muslims” perpetrate acts of violence and terror in the name of Islam…

Once again, they bring a bad… bad name to this beautiful, perfect religion of mine.

Subhaan Allaah!

This religion of Islam is a perfect religion.
It is a peaceful religion.
It is a JUST religion.

It CONDEMNS violence….
It CONDEMNS extremism…
It CONDEMNS terrorism.
In fact, extremism, violence, and terrorism have no connection whatsoever with Islam.

Yet, people, bearing names, similar to mine, act violently…hurt people…terrorize and intimidate…thinking they are acting in accordance with Islam....whether it be 9/11, or the bombing in Spain or London, or any time perpetration against humanity is carried out in the name of Islam. These people do NOTHING, BUT A DISSERVICE to this great religion of mine…this perfect way of life.

DONT THEY KNOW that Islam is the religion of peace; it teaches us to RESPECT lives???

“Nor take life - which Allaah has made sacred - except for just cause…”[Surah Israa':33]

Had they studied the Shareeah, they would have discovered that it vehemently condemns all sorts of extremism, acts of violence or aggression against others without a just cause.

“… If anyone killed a person, except in retaliation of murder, or (and) to spread mischief in the land - it would be as if he killed all mankind, and if anyone saved a life, it would be as if he saved the life of all mankind…”(Surah Maidah: 32)

DONT THEY KNOW that it is a form of spreading mischief (fasaad) in the land which Allaah has strictly prohibited people from committing???

"And seek not occasions for mischief in the land: for Allaah loves not those who do mischief"

(Surah Qasas: 77)

DONT THEY KNOW that it is a matter of extremism in the religion of Islam? That they are, in fact, transgressing the bounds set by Allah???

"If any do transgress the limits ordained by Allaah, such persons wrong themselves as well as others"

(Surah al-Baqarah: 229)

DID THEY FORGET what the Prophet (sal Allaahu Alaiyhi wa sallam) said???

"Beware of excesses in matters of religion. For, as a matter of fact, those before you were destroyed by religious immoderation" (Ahmad and Al-Nasaai)

DONT THEY REMEMBER the crystal clear rules of Islam that forbid the killing of innocent persons, the elderly, women and children ?

So much so that even in case of war, Islaam prohibits and denounces the pursuit of fleeing persons, slaying persons who have surrendered, injuring prisoners, or mutilating the bodies of the dead, or destroying structures and buildings that have no connection with combat??? Did they forget all that??

The Prophet (sal Allaahu Alaiyhi wa sallam) has instructed:

"Do not kill a decrepit old man, or a young infant, or a woman" [Abu Dawud.]

And so, because of the IGNORANT, IGNORANT actions of a few…
the WHOLE OF MY NATION will suffer!!!
…My Brothers will be incarcerated…
…my Sisters will be persecuted…
…my Children will be intimidated…
…the names of my fellow Muslims will be smeared…
…my beautiful Religion will be belittled, vilified, looked down upon.

WHY…. I ask you WHY?
Why do these people commit such crimes?
If only they had studied Islam….
If only they had better knowledge of this noble and wonderful religion…
If only they had followed the perfect guidance of the Prophet (sal Allaahu Alaiyhi wa sallam)…

they would not have committed these acts assuming they have religious sanction justifying such acts.

It pains me to see Muslims, maligned with labels of “terrorist” or “fundamentalist,” in the media today. This phrase is offensive and demeaning of Islam.
It pains me even more when Muslims commit heinous crimes in the name of this beautiful religion of mine… the very crimes that Islam condemns.

Islam IS THE Remedy, THE Solution:

Contrary to being the source of terror, Islam is, actually the remedy, the solution, the answer, for all extremism, all terrorism since Islam is just and teaches justice.

It teaches moderation and tolerance. Prophet Mohammad (sal Allaahu Alaiyhi wa sallam) was a mercy to all mankind and his is the best example to follow.

To the World, I say, on behalf of all the Muslims who follow the  true teachings of Allaah and His Messenger (sal Allaahu Alaiyhi wa sallam)…

I speak out against those who commit terrorism against civilians in the name of Islam…

I speak out against what is done by my fellow Muslims from acts of terrorism

I speak out and say it is indisputably contrary to our religion..

…. That it is immoral…without any justification.
And we, as Muslim, followers of Islaam, are the first and foremost to condemn and reject such actions.

Allaah says:

"And let not the hatred of others to you make you swerve to wrong and depart from justice. Be just: that is next to piety: and fear Allah. For Allah is well-acquainted with all that you do" (Surah Maidah: 8)

and, to the people doing this in the name of Islaam,
I say…
Fear Allaah….Yes.... 
fear Allaah!

"And whoever does not rule by what Allah revealed, then these are the disbelievers."
[Surah Maidah: 44]
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